23 Productivity Tips To Get More Work Done

productivity tips

Eat Breakfast

Make sure you eat breakfast – preferably a healthy breakfast but to be honest as long as you eat something then that’s all that matters. Leaving out breakfast will make you feel tired, agitated and distracted which are all bad things for productivity.

Sleep Well

Make sure you get enough sleep every night. Nothing worse than being tired the next day and trying to chug through the day. Also make sure you have enough time to wind down each night if you’re working late.

Exercise daily

Exercising keeps stress at bay. Make sure to exercise for more than half-hour each day.

Get outside

It’s never a great idea to stay in all the time – make sure you get outside and get some fresh air to help clear your mind. Nothing worse than cabin fever!

To-Do Lists

To-do lists are great. I recommend using an app or printing one out – or the combination of both. You will feel rewarded as you tick each task off.

Limit your email checking

Checking your emails every 5 minutes is a productivity killer. Check your emails once in the morning, once after lunch and once before you go home.

Social Media

Social Media checking is probably the number 1 productivity killer of all time. I’m guilty of it and I’m sure there are a lot more people out there doing this as well. Unless your job is a social media manager close all your social media tabs while working!

Take regular breaks

When you start to flag or you can’t focus it’s time for a break. Get outside, grab something to eat or read a book. It will help!

Split big tasks into smaller ones

Usually, if you have a big task it can feel overwhelming. The best way to overcome this is by breaking the big task into smaller ones. Complete a smaller task, tick it off your to-do and then proceed to the next smaller task. Before you know it, the bigger task has been completed.

Background noise

Background noise is not only annoying it’s distracting and will affect your productivity. Best way to do this to either listen to music or download a white noise app.

Save the best to do for last

Always leave the best to-do list item for last. Get the harder things done first and the rest of the tasks should get easier as you complete them.

Tidy your desk!

Make sure your desk is tidy! One of my most recommended productivity tips. Nothing worse than trying to juggle your keyboard and mouse around bits of paper, crumbs or anything else that will get in the way. Go through paperwork on a regular basis and bin the stuff you don’t need.

Write things down.

Your head can only hold so much in your mind at any given time. It’s always best to write things down and then refocus on what you’re meant to be doing. Come back to your notepad later on & analyze what you have written down.

Recurring tasks

If you have recurring tasks each day make sure you do them at the same time every day. You will get into a habit of doing these things without forgetting.

Plan the next day

Before you go bed make sure you create your plan for the next day and not when you start working. Having a plan ensures you kick off your working day to a positive start which usually means a very productive day.

Power naps

Why not have a 15 min power nap in the afternoon – it can make some people very productive when they wake up. However, for some people it can do the opposite so this is something you will have to experiment for yourself!

Make sure your house is tidy

Knowing your house is a mess can affect your mental health. You start thinking I’ve got to do x,y and z while working and this can be a productivity killer.

Wake up before everyone else

By waking up before everyone else you will have the sense of beating your competition. If you normally get up at 8 am, try getting up at 7 am instead and see if you get better results.

Email Templates

If you’re constantly writing out the same emails to customers why not have an email template? All you have to do is change the name and press send. I know it’s not as simple as that but you will save time without reinventing the wheel every time.

Exciting to-do list

If you have the standard boring recurring list you do each day. Change it up a bit and include some exciting to-do’s. You’ll feel more productive by completing them.

Love what you do.

If you’re working in a place where you dread waking up to go to then get out of there. Start your own business or find another workplace. Life is too short – do something you want to do.

Drink more water.

Your body is 80% of water which means you should be drinking water every so often to keep you hydrated and focused.

Review at the end of each day.

At the end of your day look at your to-do list and analyze what went right, what went wrong and use this information to refocus on your next working day.


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